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Animation, Illustration & Design

About Me

About me!

Freelance Artist, Worldbuilder, Gamer & Illustrator 

I'm Sally, a freelance artist based in the UK, so I spend a lot of time creating fantasy worlds, brave heroes, and wonderful creatures. 

Since graduating from university in 2014, I have worked as a commission artist, working in various mediums and genres including, illustration, animation, graphic design, and concept design. My greatest success has been as a published illustrator, as well as an accomplished animator, with my films being featured in multiple international film festivals. 


Alongside drawing, one of my greatest passions is Dungeons and Dragons, and this has greatly inspired many of my personal projects and over the last few years, I have been incredibly passionate about bringing the characters, places, and guilds within to life. 

For more details on how a commission works with me, check out the FAQ section.

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