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  • How long will an order take?
    For single commissions, I aim to have them completed within two working weeks. If I'm doing a group commission, or a commission with alot of detail, it may take longer as I go back and forth for approval on the various characters involved. If you need something done by a due date, please make sure you communicate this to me and I'll see what I can do!
  • How does a commission work?
    I'm very collaborative in how I work and I always provide updates to my clients at key stages: Concept sketch Refined sketch Line art Flat Colour Final render Each of these stages has a number of revisions allowed to ensure we do not get stuck on the one piece in an eternal loop. If you do go past the provided number of stages, I'll let you know and you'll need to either pick one of the past pieces or pay for additional revisions to be made.
  • Do you accept feedback during a commission?
    Absolutely! Honest feedback is essential to create the design that you would be most happy with, I encourage an open dialogue with my clients. At every stage of the process, clients get to input their ideas, make changes and provide critique.
  • What are the drawing stages?
    Concept sketch - 5 revisions I usually aim to provide 2-4 thumbnail sketches based on the info you've provided. After those intitial sketches are provided, I'm willing to do up to 5 more individual sketches (this includes doing tweaks to initial poses) Refined sketch - 3 revisions This is where I add all the details that make it your character and I need to check and make sure I haven't missed anything. Revisions at this stage are tricky, but essentially, if you've described one thing but then decide to change it to something else entirely, it'll count as a revision. Amendments made because I've misunderstood the description, or if I've missed a detail, do not count as revisions. Flat colour + Line art - 3 Revisions This is self-explanatory and is similar to the refined sketch stage. Amendments for colour tweaks (e.g skin tones) don't count as a revision, but deciding radical colour changes does. You can request these colour revisions alongside other changes to count as a single revision. Final render - No Revisions That's it, the character has all it's shading and lighting and it is complete. Revisions at this stage are extremely tricky, so there will be an additional charge for any at this stage.
  • Can I order multiple characters?
    You certainly can and I now offer a loyalty program where if you buy 5 characters in the same style and size, you get the 6th one free.
  • I've submitted an order but now want to change something!
    That's fine, but if I've already started working on it there may be a cancellation fee, which will be sent via a seperate PayPal invoice.
  • Revisions vs. Fixes
    A revision is where you've asked me to alter something in the illustration that was not covered in your design brief. A fix is where you've described something, and details were provided that I failed to add myself. Let me know, and they shall be fixed free of charge.
  • What happens if I can't go ahead with the order when you reach me on your waitlist?
    If you're unable to proceed with your order, then I will remove your place from the wait list and you will need to submit another form to rejoin the queue if you are so inclined at a later date.
  • Will you draw anything?
    Sadly, no not at this time. There are a number of things I don't draw which are listed below: - Machines - NSFW (+18) - Excessive gore - Strongly Inappropriate/Offensive/Political Imagery - Highly Complex Backgrounds/Environments
  • What size is the artwork?
    All art is created at 300dpi by default, which is the print industry standard. For specific details on artwork size, you can check the gallery pages for the art style you are interested in and it should have it listed at the top of the page.
  • Can you redraw this artists character/outfit?
    Sadly, unless you specifically commissioned an artist to design that character and/or outfit, I shall have to say no since you don't own the copyright to that design and I don't want to steal another artists work. However, we can work together using that image as a reference, tweaking and customising things until it's a new design all of its own for your unique character.
  • How do I contact you before I place an order?
    You can contact me via the contact tab on this site or alternatively through email, or my various social media pages. Email: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
  • Are there any other ways of chatting with you?
    If you are so inclined you can contact me in these places: Discord: Sally#6520 Twitter: @MilminoStudios
  • What payment options do you have?
    Currently I'm only accepting Paypal. Once I've provided you with a quote, and it has been approved. I'll send a PayPal invoice your way.
  • What payment plans can you offer?
    For purchases under £50 GBP, full payment must be paid before work begins. For commissions over £50 GBP, you may choose from three payment plans: 1. Full payment upfront - you can choose to pay 100% of the fee before work begins. 2. 50/50 - 50% of the fee is paid before work begins, then the last 50% before a final full resolution image is delivered. 3. Pay as you go - A commission undergoes 5 key stages, before the beginning of each stage, the client pays 20% of the overall fee. You must state which payment plan you wish to use before the first payment.
  • Can I cancel an order/get a refund?
    Should you wish to cancel your commission, a cancellation fee may apply if work has already begun. Just reply back to the confirmation email you received, letting me know and we can discuss it. If no work has started yet, you shall receive a full refund. If work has started by that point, the cancellation fee shall be determined by which stage the commission has progressed. That amount shall be deducted from your refund.
  • What currency are the prices in?
    All prices are in British Pound Sterling.
  • Can I get a discount or can we negotiate?
    Prices are non-negotiable.
  • Can I remove your signature?
    No, you may not remove my signature from the original image file. You are permitted to crop out the signature for things like a profile picture, but it must not be removed otherwise.
  • How/where can I use your art?
    All artwork, unless otherwise stated, is for personal use only. Rights for commerical use, which includes selling the art digitally, printed media or on print on demand websites (such as Redbubble and Teepublic), are not permitted unless discussed and negotiated with me. I reserve all rights to the work I make, and to be identified alongside all of my art. Please credit me upon posting to social media or elsewhere. Upon commissioning me, you agree to not claim my work as your own, and you will not copy, trace, resell or redistribute my work in any form under normal circumstances.
  • How do I credit you?
    Alongside the artwork in any and all social media websites or otherwise, please credit me as such: Art by Sally Chittenden of Milmino Studios Facebook: Twitter: Artstation:
  • Can you help me with something to do with my print on demand order?
    Unfortunately as the artist, I'm unable to help with issues related to payment, shipping/delays or refunds/physical quality dissatisfaction of products sold by on-demand prinitng sites. However here is a couple of links to their help desks where you can contact people who can. Redbubble: TeePublic: Hopefully they will be able to help you, sorry about that!
  • I have a request for a product/design to your store!
    I appreciate all suggestions, comments and requests that you send my way regarding my art in my store(s). I consider each and every one carefully, and although I do fulfil some requests, especially if there is an obvious gap in the market I have missed, there is no guarantee that I will add your suggestion to my store either because of time restraints or I don't think it's a good fit. As for existing designs for new requested products, unless a product is already made available by the print on demand website, I am unable to put my art onto it. So for example I would not be able to put one of my designs on a hockey stick, but I can add it to a cushion if it's not available already. However, if I do not feel that a design would be a right or suitable fit for a product, then I shall not apply it.
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